Flu season is here!

Flu Season is here!

the number one rule of the season is…WASH YOUR HANDS! Germs are transmitted through hand shakes, door handles and even your own phone! take a few and wash your hands, sanitize your frequent touch spots and make sure if your passing your phone over to borrow CLEAN IT AFTERWARDS!

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Cleaning Service in Delaware – Promotion

Commercial locations in Delaware!

This is your LAST CHANCE to take advantage of Markatos Cleaning Services February cleaning promotion.


For only the month of February, all NEW commercial customers receive their first cleaning FREE with an annual contract agreement!  This offer expires on February 29, 2016, so time is limited. If you work from a commercial location in New Castle County, DE and have not tried our commercial cleaning services, you should take advantage of this offer, while it lasts!

Q:  How does it work?
A:  Call us at 302.792.0606 and use the code FEBFREECLEAN. Our Regional Sales Manager, Nichole Maisano will come out to your commercial location and give you an estimate on cleaning your office/facility on a reoccurring basis. Once you agree to regularly scheduled cleanings over the next year, Markatos Services Inc. will initially come in and clean your office, building and/or commercial facility for FREE!
Q:  How much does an initial clean usually cost?
A:  An initial clean for a commercial building can cost anywhere from $500 to $5,000+. Imagine saving that amount of money for your company!
Q:  When does the offer end?
A:  This amazing offer expires on 2/29/16.
Q:  What if I am interested in learning more about this offer?
A:  You would need to contact us and we would be more than happy to answer any of your questions. We can also help you with setting up an appointment with our Regional Sales Manager, Nichole. It never hurts to ask!
 This is for the month of February ONLY, so hurry! If interested in learning more, click the link below and fill out our contact form. A sales representative will contact you within 24 hours to set up an appointment at your facility. 
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6 Steps to a Cleaner Closet


The pain-free process of cleaning out your closet today!

Step 1. Create One Massive Clothing Pile
Put every single item of clothing you own in one spot. Gather every coat, shirt, shoe, dirty piece of underwear, glove shoved in the back of the hall closet, and put it all in one big pile. Now, step back, and be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of fabric you own…

Step 2. Start With 3 Bags
Get trash bags, the heavy-duty landscaping kind that won’t tear open. Start with 3 bags: Donation, Trash, and Consignment.

Step 3. Divide and Conquer
If your pile is overwhelming, separate your clothes into more manageable piles. Shirts, pants, dresses, etc. Start with whatever group will be the least painful, because you’re going to be getting rid of most of it. (Sorry.)

Step 4. Try Them On
Try every piece on. Seriously, now’s the time to be unflinchingly honest with yourself. When you put it on, you should have warm, fuzzy feelings of happiness shooting through your body. It should be like putting on your favorite sweatshirt. If you feel instant joy, put it back in your closet. But if there’s any hesitation, even a twinge, keep going.

Step 5. Why Do I Need This?
Figure out the real reason you still own the item in your hands. Is it the warm, fuzzy feeling or perfection and love? Probably not. Is it guilt, because you spent money you didn’t have to buy it, and don’t want to admit you just don’t like it/doesn’t fit right/isn’t flattering? Is it hope (aka guilt), that one day you’ll fit into it again, and it would be a shame to have to spend money on the same thing? Get the picture? It’s usually guilt. Guilt you bought something expensive, guilt over your current weight/shape, guilt that it was a gift and you should love it. Identify the feeling, and keep going.

Step 6. Eliminate
Get it out of the house. Immediately! Don’t delay. Pack it up, and get it out. You’ll have doubts. You’ll try to convince yourself that you really should keep that shirt you never, ever wore. This is where the heavy-duty trash bags come into play. They’re harder to rip open.

The immediate results you can expect to see:

  • I’ve eliminated 80-90% of my wardrobe.
  • I’ve added 30-45 minutes of time to my day, time that used to be spent glaring at my closet, waiting for it to magically produce some awesome, trendy outfit.
  • I actually feel like I have more to wear, not less.

The key to is to accept each item served a purpose, even if you never wore it. If it taught you not to wear a certain color, cut, or style, then that was its purpose. Now, go take a long relaxing bubble bath to unwind, you deserve it!

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Valentine’s Day and the Gift of Clean

valentines-dayValentine’s Day: a holiday to show the special someone in your life how much you love and appreciate them; a time to celebrate the romance you share by enjoying a sentimental evening together. Valentine’s Day is a day for love. While the best gift you could ever give is just being together and loving her unconditionally, she’ll truly appreciate a clean home!

Below are some clean tips you can follow that will help win that special someone over!

  • Start with the bowl: Apply the bowl cleaner under the rim and let it work its way down. Use the toilet brush to scrub the bowl, be sure to get everything hiding under the rim. Close the lid and let the cleaner soak in the bowl for 10-15 minutes. Clorox clean up is great for tough stains. Then wipe down the seat, lid, sides and base of the toilet. Now flush. And don’t forget to put that toilet seat down! No girl wants to fall into your toilet on such a romantic day.
  • Shake It Out: Gather up throw rugs and take them outside for a good shake. Then air them on a clothesline or railing for several hours.
  • Purge the Fridge: Pull the trash can over and dump lingering leftovers, spoiled food, and open bottles of condiments, like grill marinade from the fall. You could remove all the glass shelves and bins and wash them or give them a fast once-over with a wet cloth or sponge. Don’t forget fingerprints and splatters on the door front and handle. A fresh box of baking soda absorbs odors, too.
  • Cover Up that Foul Odor: The first thing she is going to notice when she walks through the door is how your place smells. If it smells like a gym bag, try combating odors by sprinkling coffee beans in a plate or bowl and top it off with a vanilla candle.
  • Clean a Dirty Stove Top: Food and a clean kitchen is the way to a women’s heart! In the kitchen, don’t let her see the gunk caked on the stove from all those times the pot boiled over. Just mix some baking soda in a small bowl with enough hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. Scrub with the rough side of a sponge and the gunk will come right off. Also, the top of most stoves lifts up for easy cleaning. Since you’re already there, why not use this time to clean up all the pieces of food that have been there since before you moved in?
  • Get rid of all the clutter: Grab a simple large trash bag and see how quickly you can fill it. Throw out all trash and grab another bag for Goodwill donations. Once all the junk is out of the way, that’s when a clean house is possible!

For the cleaning portion, we suggest hiring the true professionals. Markatos Cleaning Service was rated the number one cleaning service in the Delaware area in 2015. They make it super easy for you to fill out their contact form and a sales rep calls you within 24 hours, if not sooner! They even provide a FREE home cleaning estimate.

If you live with your significant other, purchase them the gift of clean. Markatos Services sells gift certificates! A clean home makes for a great Valentine’s Day gift. Call 302.792.0606 for more details.

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How to Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet

CleanMedicineCabinetYour medicine cabinet is one of the most important areas to keep clean and stocked — especially in the middle of cold and flu season.  I recommend starting this process by clearing out all products and wiping down the inside and outside of the cabinet.

Once everything is out of the cabinet, you need to begin sorting through what you need, organizing what you have and purchasing what you may be missing. Here are some tips:

  • Out with the Old 
    Are items outdated, old or smelly? They need to be thrown out, even if they’re not empty. Expired items will no longer be effective and may even be hazardous to your health. In addition to looking at dates on medicine, be sure to also look for cosmetics that may have expired–if the consistency and/or smell of the product has changed considerably, throw it out.
  • Add Cold Weather Medicines
    There are certain items you should always have in your medicine cabinet regardless of the season such as basic pain relievers and products that relieve mild digestive ailments (here is a great checklist from Real Simple). However, in the winter months, you will want to add cough medicines, decongestants and a thermometer.
  • Manage Duplications
    Do you have three of each item crowding your cabinet? Move the extra items to another area such as a linen closet or kitchen pantry. You can continue to keep them organized by creating small bins labeled by type of product (i.e. “Lotions”, “Digestion”). Keep in mind that some medications and cosmetic products become less effective when stored in areas of high humidity or heat and you should always keep items out of reach of children.
  • Re-stock First Aid Kit
    While you probably use your first aid kit more during the warmer weather months, never underestimate a sledding mishap or a fall on a slippery sidewalk. Your at-home emergency kit should include Band Aids, sterile wash for cleansing wounds, ointment, gauze and burn relief.
  • Make it Pretty
    For someone who spends a great deal of time working with people and businesses on keeping their environments clean and healthy, I know that the more attractive an area is, the more likely you are to keep it organized.

Keeping a clean home can be tough during winter months, especially when all you want to do is hibernate. Not feeling up to cleaning your own home? Call Markatos Cleaning Service for a free home cleaning estimate. (302) 792-0606

Markatos Services Inc. is a family owned and operated cleaning company based out of Delaware. We were voted best cleaning service in Delaware by the Reader’s Choice Awards for 2015. Markatos provides elite maintenance services to both residential and commercial clientele. Click on this link to learn more about the Markatos Family.


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5 Things to Clean When You’re Snowed In

winter-storm-jonas-5-things-21jan16Did you survive winter storm Jonas? If you’re still snowed in, here is a list of 5 things to clean when stuck inside all day.

  1. Tackle the laundry. Clean the laundry that’s been sitting in the hamper since last week. Laundry tends to multiply quickly, so if I let a day go by without doing at least one load of laundry, the clothing piles up quickly. Then it just seems unmanageable. At least now you’ll have clothes to wear, when you finally muster up the courage to venture out in super freezing temperatures!
  2. Grab your phone and get to work. Clean out your phone contacts. Get rid of toxic friends or ex-hook ups who make you feel terrible, you know the drill!
  3. Something smells funky! Oh wait… it’s that nasty garbage disposal that is leaking the smell of Satan. Don’t let your stinky sink stank up the rest of your home. Use your snow day to tackle this cleaning project. Click here to learn how to clean your garbage disposal.
  4. Organize your iTunes. Make playlists that remind you of college or of your hometown. Make a playlist for your significant other. Make a playlist for being snowed in!
  5. Finally, pick a room, clean it and organize it! Clean and organize the shelves and drawers by color/item so you never again scramble to find that black skirt like you always do. Sort through your belongings and decide what to keep and what to toss. Make sure to donate your “toss” bag to Goodwill or just a good cause in general. You’ll feel like a better human being at the end of the day. Good deed of the day… check! Now all you have to do is clean the room… ugh! Can’t find the will power to clean? Just call Markatos Cleaning Services. We’ll take care of the annoying chore of cleaning for you!

If you do find the courage to go outside, stay safe and enjoy the winter wonderland! Oh… and DON’T eat the yellow snow!

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“Evaluate How You Refrigerate”

It looks like that “white stuff” may finally decide to fall from the sky this winter season, and what is the first thought that sends people into a frenzy? Bread. Milk. Eggs. Stock the fridge.

As you make your trip to the grocery store, load your cart with the storm essentials, and later give those items a home in your refrigerator, do yourself a favor: Kneel down and take a look at what could be lingering and be causing efficiency problems for your food shelter.

If you see a dust build-up on the outside grate of your refrigerator this is most commonly caused by foot traffic, which pushes up dust, pet hair and dirt. Once these particles are blocking the grate of your refrigerator, the inside coils are most likely being met to the same effect.  The coils, once covered by this debris can cause significant energy usage as it is trying to cool your food and beverages twice as much.

Below are the “Step-by-Step” photos of how Markatos Services performed these easy steps for one our loyal, residential customers.

Good one

Once you can visibly see the dust build-up on the face of your refrigerator grate, it’s time to get to work!


Before you remove the grate, use the nose attachment of your vacuum to remove the particles; This will ensure that when you unhinge the cover, the debris will not filter into the air.


Now that your grate has been removed, use the longest vacuum attachment you have to suck up any loose remnants under your refrigerator or that are clinging to your coolant coils.


Lastly, disinfect your grate before re-attaching. You will notice a significant difference in the way your appliance cools, the filtering of any food smells, as well as a change in your electric costs.

Now that you know these simple how-to steps, your food and beverage essentials will be sure to withstand the storm.

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