6 Steps to a Cleaner Closet


The pain-free process of cleaning out your closet today!

Step 1. Create One Massive Clothing Pile
Put every single item of clothing you own in one spot. Gather every coat, shirt, shoe, dirty piece of underwear, glove shoved in the back of the hall closet, and put it all in one big pile. Now, step back, and be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of fabric you own…

Step 2. Start With 3 Bags
Get trash bags, the heavy-duty landscaping kind that won’t tear open. Start with 3 bags: Donation, Trash, and Consignment.

Step 3. Divide and Conquer
If your pile is overwhelming, separate your clothes into more manageable piles. Shirts, pants, dresses, etc. Start with whatever group will be the least painful, because you’re going to be getting rid of most of it. (Sorry.)

Step 4. Try Them On
Try every piece on. Seriously, now’s the time to be unflinchingly honest with yourself. When you put it on, you should have warm, fuzzy feelings of happiness shooting through your body. It should be like putting on your favorite sweatshirt. If you feel instant joy, put it back in your closet. But if there’s any hesitation, even a twinge, keep going.

Step 5. Why Do I Need This?
Figure out the real reason you still own the item in your hands. Is it the warm, fuzzy feeling or perfection and love? Probably not. Is it guilt, because you spent money you didn’t have to buy it, and don’t want to admit you just don’t like it/doesn’t fit right/isn’t flattering? Is it hope (aka guilt), that one day you’ll fit into it again, and it would be a shame to have to spend money on the same thing? Get the picture? It’s usually guilt. Guilt you bought something expensive, guilt over your current weight/shape, guilt that it was a gift and you should love it. Identify the feeling, and keep going.

Step 6. Eliminate
Get it out of the house. Immediately! Don’t delay. Pack it up, and get it out. You’ll have doubts. You’ll try to convince yourself that you really should keep that shirt you never, ever wore. This is where the heavy-duty trash bags come into play. They’re harder to rip open.

The immediate results you can expect to see:

  • I’ve eliminated 80-90% of my wardrobe.
  • I’ve added 30-45 minutes of time to my day, time that used to be spent glaring at my closet, waiting for it to magically produce some awesome, trendy outfit.
  • I actually feel like I have more to wear, not less.

The key to is to accept each item served a purpose, even if you never wore it. If it taught you not to wear a certain color, cut, or style, then that was its purpose. Now, go take a long relaxing bubble bath to unwind, you deserve it!


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