Valentine’s Day and the Gift of Clean

valentines-dayValentine’s Day: a holiday to show the special someone in your life how much you love and appreciate them; a time to celebrate the romance you share by enjoying a sentimental evening together. Valentine’s Day is a day for love. While the best gift you could ever give is just being together and loving her unconditionally, she’ll truly appreciate a clean home!

Below are some clean tips you can follow that will help win that special someone over!

  • Start with the bowl: Apply the bowl cleaner under the rim and let it work its way down. Use the toilet brush to scrub the bowl, be sure to get everything hiding under the rim. Close the lid and let the cleaner soak in the bowl for 10-15 minutes. Clorox clean up is great for tough stains. Then wipe down the seat, lid, sides and base of the toilet. Now flush. And don’t forget to put that toilet seat down! No girl wants to fall into your toilet on such a romantic day.
  • Shake It Out: Gather up throw rugs and take them outside for a good shake. Then air them on a clothesline or railing for several hours.
  • Purge the Fridge: Pull the trash can over and dump lingering leftovers, spoiled food, and open bottles of condiments, like grill marinade from the fall. You could remove all the glass shelves and bins and wash them or give them a fast once-over with a wet cloth or sponge. Don’t forget fingerprints and splatters on the door front and handle. A fresh box of baking soda absorbs odors, too.
  • Cover Up that Foul Odor: The first thing she is going to notice when she walks through the door is how your place smells. If it smells like a gym bag, try combating odors by sprinkling coffee beans in a plate or bowl and top it off with a vanilla candle.
  • Clean a Dirty Stove Top: Food and a clean kitchen is the way to a women’s heart! In the kitchen, don’t let her see the gunk caked on the stove from all those times the pot boiled over. Just mix some baking soda in a small bowl with enough hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. Scrub with the rough side of a sponge and the gunk will come right off. Also, the top of most stoves lifts up for easy cleaning. Since you’re already there, why not use this time to clean up all the pieces of food that have been there since before you moved in?
  • Get rid of all the clutter: Grab a simple large trash bag and see how quickly you can fill it. Throw out all trash and grab another bag for Goodwill donations. Once all the junk is out of the way, that’s when a clean house is possible!

For the cleaning portion, we suggest hiring the true professionals. Markatos Cleaning Service was rated the number one cleaning service in the Delaware area in 2015. They make it super easy for you to fill out their contact form and a sales rep calls you within 24 hours, if not sooner! They even provide a FREE home cleaning estimate.

If you live with your significant other, purchase them the gift of clean. Markatos Services sells gift certificates! A clean home makes for a great Valentine’s Day gift. Call 302.792.0606 for more details.


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