5 Things to Clean When You’re Snowed In

winter-storm-jonas-5-things-21jan16Did you survive winter storm Jonas? If you’re still snowed in, here is a list of 5 things to clean when stuck inside all day.

  1. Tackle the laundry. Clean the laundry that’s been sitting in the hamper since last week. Laundry tends to multiply quickly, so if I let a day go by without doing at least one load of laundry, the clothing piles up quickly. Then it just seems unmanageable. At least now you’ll have clothes to wear, when you finally muster up the courage to venture out in super freezing temperatures!
  2. Grab your phone and get to work. Clean out your phone contacts. Get rid of toxic friends or ex-hook ups who make you feel terrible, you know the drill!
  3. Something smells funky! Oh wait… it’s that nasty garbage disposal that is leaking the smell of Satan. Don’t let your stinky sink stank up the rest of your home. Use your snow day to tackle this cleaning project. Click here to learn how to clean your garbage disposal.
  4. Organize your iTunes. Make playlists that remind you of college or of your hometown. Make a playlist for your significant other. Make a playlist for being snowed in!
  5. Finally, pick a room, clean it and organize it! Clean and organize the shelves and drawers by color/item so you never again scramble to find that black skirt like you always do. Sort through your belongings and decide what to keep and what to toss. Make sure to donate your “toss” bag to Goodwill or just a good cause in general. You’ll feel like a better human being at the end of the day. Good deed of the day… check! Now all you have to do is clean the room… ugh! Can’t find the will power to clean? Just call Markatos Cleaning Services. We’ll take care of the annoying chore of cleaning for you!

If you do find the courage to go outside, stay safe and enjoy the winter wonderland! Oh… and DON’T eat the yellow snow!


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