“Evaluate How You Refrigerate”

It looks like that “white stuff” may finally decide to fall from the sky this winter season, and what is the first thought that sends people into a frenzy? Bread. Milk. Eggs. Stock the fridge.

As you make your trip to the grocery store, load your cart with the storm essentials, and later give those items a home in your refrigerator, do yourself a favor: Kneel down and take a look at what could be lingering and be causing efficiency problems for your food shelter.

If you see a dust build-up on the outside grate of your refrigerator this is most commonly caused by foot traffic, which pushes up dust, pet hair and dirt. Once these particles are blocking the grate of your refrigerator, the inside coils are most likely being met to the same effect.  The coils, once covered by this debris can cause significant energy usage as it is trying to cool your food and beverages twice as much.

Below are the “Step-by-Step” photos of how Markatos Services performed these easy steps for one our loyal, residential customers.

Good one

Once you can visibly see the dust build-up on the face of your refrigerator grate, it’s time to get to work!


Before you remove the grate, use the nose attachment of your vacuum to remove the particles; This will ensure that when you unhinge the cover, the debris will not filter into the air.


Now that your grate has been removed, use the longest vacuum attachment you have to suck up any loose remnants under your refrigerator or that are clinging to your coolant coils.


Lastly, disinfect your grate before re-attaching. You will notice a significant difference in the way your appliance cools, the filtering of any food smells, as well as a change in your electric costs.

Now that you know these simple how-to steps, your food and beverage essentials will be sure to withstand the storm.


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