“Wipe Those Winter Cleaning Woes Away”

The winter months are among us all, and while you may be cooped-up in your home, this is the perfect time to prepare it for a lighter clean come springtime. Below are THREE tips that will allow a smooth transition from winter to spring cleaning.

Furnace Cleaning

 Getting into this healthy, monthly habit improves energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Vacuum the collected dust and finish by wiping the surface with a clean cloth. Please consider having a professional clean the air ducts to reduce airborne allergens and germs, which will drastically change the air environment that you and your family breathes daily.

The air inside of your home is the driest during the winter months, whicDust Ragh creates the most dust. You should regularly dust these surfaces and do not overlook the windows, their frames. the blades of your ceiling fans, or even the light fixtures, which can drastically brighten your space and produce a positive effect psychologically.

Tis the season of snow, ice, and even more, the chemicals that we spread to fight against those Footwear on trayprecipitations: Ice Melt.

When we track these ingredients onto our floors, this will cause a white sheen to appear, which can gradually breakdown any cleaners or wax that are used to keep these surfaces looking like new. If you do happen to leave a footpath of any of these materials, mop your hardwood per your cleaner instructions, and be sure to perform a thorough carpet cleaning due to the salt becoming trapped in its fibers.


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