Tips to Master Holiday Storage

The holidays are quickly approaching. But what about after the holidays? Before you know it it’ll be the new year and it’s time to pack all those decorations and wrapping paper away. Huffington Post has discovered some time saving storage hacks that will have you jumping for joy next holiday season when it’s time to pull out everything once again.

Here are our favorites:

  1. Store beaded garland in a water bottle.This will prevent that pesky tangling that is so hard to decipher following year. You will be saving time and the environment.
  2. Keep ribbon for gift wrapping on a hanger.Don’t through them all into one box and hope for the best. Keep your gift wrapping stress free by neatly hanging you ribbons and string. This way you’ll cut down on tangling.
  3. Recycle old egg cartons by using them as ornament dividers.
    Cut on down on breakage. No need to buy special ornament dividers when you have the solution right in your refrigerator. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle by repurposing.
  4. Use cardboard to wrap up lights.
    This cuts down on tangling and makes for a more happier you when it’s time to put those pesky lights up once again.
  5. Dedicate a single storage area for you decorations. Consider installing shelving to help keep organized all year long.
    For this hack we at Markatos Services can certainly help. Give us a call and ask about our handyman services. We don’t just clean, we put up shelving units.


Take a look at some of the other hacks from Huff Post


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