Training Your Staff to Benefit Your Customers

Training your staff benefits your customers.

MarkatosReviewsGood for your workers
Training has many benefits for your staff:

  • They acquire new skills, increasing their contribution to the business and building their self-esteem.
  • The training they do can take them into other positions within the organization – positions with better prospects and/or better pay.
  • They’re upskilled to do new and different tasks, which keeps them motivated and fresh.
  • Because they’re being trained on your time, they see that you value them enough to invest in them. A good company is seen as one that retains their employees. Markatos Services employee turnover rate is well below industry standards. We have been very successful at training and retaining our employees for over 30 years.

Good for your customerMarkatosTraining
Training can improve business performance and your customer’s experience. Advantages to customers include:

  • A well trained staff will be able to deliver high quality service with your customer’s satisfaction in mind.
  • Training your staff can result in better customer service, better work safety practices and productivity improvements.
  • You demonstrate to your workforce that you value them enough to invest in them, improving loyalty and staff retention. With a consistent staff you are better able to serve your customers.

The images above are from our most recent training class. Our staff goes through an intense training process in order to improve our customer’s experience. Markatos performs weekly and annual training for all staff members, allowing everyone to improve their skill set with a chance for advancement within the company. To learn more about Markatos Services Inc. click the link below:


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