Fall Is Here. So Are The Leaves!

It’s that time of the year again! Fall is here and so are the colorful falling leaves that your gutters gobble up. Here are some reasons to keep your gutters clean:

  1. MarkatosGutterCleaningGutter overflow. As water fills and settles rather than flowing through the gutter system, the gutters run the risk of filling so the water rests at the roof level. The result can be roof damage and leaks.
  2. Rotting Wood and Infestation. Improper gutter draining can cause the wood on your home to rot where there is water build-up or leaking along the house. High water levels can create a home for mosquitoes. Bugs love moisture and mosquitoes love environments with stagnant water. If water does not drain from your gutters and stays in the drain, it creates a great home for insects.
  3. Washed out landscaping. Water build up in your gutters can cause erosion and wash out your beautiful and very expensive landscaping. Be mindful of keeping your gutters flushed and free of debris to eliminate the chance of overflow.

Here at Markatos Services Inc. we are flooded with gutter cleaning phone calls. If you struggle to clean your own gutters, now is the time to call a gutter cleaning service. Get on the schedule for late October, early November. The leave are falling as we speak! Call Markatos at 302.792.0606 for gutter cleaning services in the Delaware area.


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