Scary Spots To Clean

With all the excitement one could easily forget to tidy up and keep things that way. Here is this season’s super scandalous scary spots that need a little extra attention this time of year.

Under the bed: Where dust feels at home
Remove any clutter from below the bed and next try to get a long nosed vacuum tube to reach all over and beat those tough spots. Also placing a barrier beneath your things and the floor, such as a beautiful rug, can not only help protect your items from floor dust but also gives the room a special look.

Corners: Where spider webs creep
Wipe along the edges with an old cloth to collect dirt and other objects. Then for fun decorate along the edges of walls in order to brighten up the place for Halloween!

Neglected Surfaces: Where the critters crawl
Neglected surfaces don’t always just come out at night, they pop up all the time. These surfaces can range from your desk top to your headboard. Make sure you keep them all clean and neat by keeping the dust away and wiping down these surfaces and using a disinfectant that smells like Fall.

Closet: Where the monsters hide
Having a busy and crowded closet can look pretty frightening. To keep your closet organized, use fun and bright containers that are all different sizes to ensure a clean look that takes up an appropriate amount of space keeping the monsters away!

The forgotten places: The scariest of them all!
Make sure all members of the family clean up after each trip to the bathroom. They can do this by spraying disinfectant after each use, and wiping down the shower and toilet seat. Also, encourage and remind family members to wash their hands. Keep fun halloween shaped bars of soap on the sink for some scary flare!

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