How to Clean a Keurig Coffee Machine

Keurig MachineWhen it comes to coffee convenience, it’s hard to match a Keurig machine. They heat up quickly, operate at the push of a button, and dispense your coffee right into your mug. Personally, I love my Keurig! And, I want it to run properly for years to come.

So, I found this great blog that explains, step by step, how to clean a keurig coffee maker. This will help extend the life of your coffee machine. Click on the image to the left to read that blog now.

Also, don’t forget to descale your machine ever 3-6 months. Descaling your machine removes mineral deposits and greasy films that can form inside your machine. (Tip: If you filter your water before using it in your Keurig, you won’t need to descale your machine as often!)

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