Super Bowl Party Clean-up

One of the best tips for a quick clean up after a Super Bowl party, is to carefully plan ahead. To make cleanup easier, use disposable cups and dishes, make finger foods, and cover your tables with plastic tablecloths. Here are some pre and post game cleaning tips:

  1. Start With A Clean Slate. It is much easier to quickly clean up after a party if you had a clean house before it started. Make sure that dirty dishes are out of the sink, the dishwasher is empty and any unused decorations are put away before your guests arrive. Come Super Bowl Party time, your kitchen garbage can isn’t going to cut it. Don’t buy additional garbage cans; use laundry baskets to double as garbage cans. Place these in strategic high-traffic areas to make it easy for people to throw away their own trash, which is helpful when the party is over and it is time to clean up!
  2. Choose Disposable. Don’t give in to your passion for using regular plates and silverware at gatherings. This is fine for a small dinner party, but hosting a large Super Bowl party calls for disposable items like eating utensils, plates, cups, tablecloths, etc. You will have enough to clean without adding 50 extra dishes on top of that. You’ve probably already thought about a tablecloth for your table, but don’t forget the end tables! They will be used to hold food and drinks too. Don’t stress about coasters, just line the end tables with plastic table cloths.
  3. Clean As You Go. Make it a point that at the end of every quarter, you do a quick sweep for abandoned plates or empty containers on the food table. Accidental spills are unavoidable at any party, just make sure to clean up spills immediately. By spending five minutes here and there on clean up, you’ll be surprised at how little there is left over after the game.
  4. Think Small. Finger foods are perfect for guests to nosh on. Not only do bite-size snacks make for a super cute presentation, you won’t have to deal with the usual dips-and-spreads mess. Try miniature sliders and dry-rubbed wings, the less saucy they are, the less mess to clean up. And don’t forget, send leftovers home with guests.
  5. Recruit Your Own Team. Recruit a few really good friends to help you out by staying back and being your cleanup team. You’ll be surprised at how soon the cleaning is done and how nice it feels to be in a tidy home. Show you gratitude by offering them another drink or something to eat once the cleanup has been done. And offer to do the same for them whenever they need your help.
  6. Don’t Wait. Try not to wait until the next day to start the cleaning process. After the guests leave, survey the room for things that need immediate attention, like watermarks on furniture and spills. Take care of these bigger to-dos first. 

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