3 Tips to Organize Before the School Year

Summer is quickly coming to a close and the school year will be here before you know it! It’s easy to get overwhelmed with chores, tasks and shopping lists, but a quick organization plan is all you need to ease your worries. Use these tips and the beginning of the school year will feel like a walk in the park.

Image1. Establish Routines

School events, parent teacher meetings, school project dates and music lessons can easily become jumbled together, creating a blur. The easiest way to clear up this blur is to get into a routine by creating a schedule with a calendar. The calendar should be in a place that is easy to see for everyone in the family, such as a kitchen or foyer. There are tons of different types of family calendars to choose from. Make it fun by getting the entire family involved in picking out the best type of calendar for you. A paper calendar with large squares lets you enter information easily, while pre-printed white board calendars are easy to revise when necessary. Color-code entries by family member and type of event to help keep busy lives straight.

2. Give Everything a Home

After a long, busy day of school and work, it’s extremely easy to come home and just throw your belongings wherever you find an open space. This often creates heaps and mounds of unwanted clutter. If everything has a specific place, it’s easier to keep the clutter to a minimum. Take a look at Target for an array of bins and hooks in different shapes, sizes and colors. Again, make this fun for the entire family by getting everyone involved. Don’t forget to label your bins to ensure efficient organization.

Image3. Create a Homework Station

The majority of clutter is often papers that have accumulated over time from homework, projects, school notes and shopping lists. Take a minute to organize by creating a designated area for homework and papers. This workstation should include binders, folders or file boxes to keep everything in the right place. This filing system will come in handy when your son or daughter reminds you of that permission slip they need 5 minutes before it’s time to leave for the school bus. Don’t forget to label your filing system to ensure efficient organization.

Another tip to help keep things in order is to begin the school year with a sparkling clean home. It’s easier to maintain dirt and clutter when you start with a clean, blank slate and chores seem less daunting. Markatos Services offers professional and detailed residential cleaning services. Markatos Services also offers window washing, pressure washing and handyman services. Call 302.792.0606 today for a free quote!




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