Markatos Services Quality Control – “Susan’s Way”

Here at Markatos Services we take great pride in ensuring great quality to every single customer on every single visit. This past week, I had the pleasure of overseeing a quality control check done by owner and founder, Susan Markatos. I now understand why “Susan’s Way” has been the standard for over 30 years and has taken Markatos Services to the next level.

ImageTo be quite honest, I was shocked and amazed by how much detail went into the quality control check. I stood wide-eyed as Susan checked the backs of headboards, behind appliances and underneath furniture for dust and debris. We both got on our hands and knees to check floors and baseboards.


On the slight chance that something was not up to Susan’s standard, she made sure to correct it. We made sure trash bins were spotless, showers were scum-free, cobwebs were nonexistent and finishes were sparkling. Every surface was touched and had its fair share of attention. The attentiveness to detail was astounding.

After being able to tag along with Susan during the quality control checks, I now know exactly why Markatos Services receives raving reviews from customers and continues to grow.  “Susan’s Way” is definitely the way to go! In addition to detailed residential cleaning services, Markatos Services also offers window washing, pressure washing and handyman services for residential and commercial properties. Call 302.792.0606 today for a free quote! 

About Markatos Services Inc.

Marketing Director for Markatos Services, Inc.
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