Post Barbeque Clean-Up

Barbeques are often the best parts of the summer, but they can quickly get spoiled with the daunting task of clean up. Being proactive and taking care of the mess as soon as the barbeque ends can make clean up much less painful.

Clean Grills Immediately – Its best to clean grills while they are still warm so the grime does not have time to get caked on. If you have allowed the grill to cool off and grime has been caked on, consider using scrubbing stones to scrub grills clean. For tough stains, also consider spraying oven cleaner on the grills and leaving them to sit in the sun, inside of a garbage bag. After sitting, the grime will come right off!Image

Power Wash Decks and Outdoor Spaces – Barbeques can often leave behind dirt and grime on things other than the grill. The best way to clean your home after a cookout is to power wash the home, in order to ensure that all food droppings and debris is gone. Markatos Services offers professional power washing services that will make your house sparkling clean after that big barbeque!

Markatos Services also offers professional window washing services that will also make your home sparkle after that big barbeque. In addition, Markatos Services offers professional, detailed residential and commercial cleaning services. Call 302.792.0606 for a free quote today!

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