5 Summer Cleaning Tips

ImageWith the onset of summer, it’s easy to forget about the upkeep of your home. The humidity in the air can create layers of dust and debris. Use these summer cleaning tips to avoid a grimy, cluttered home and to make your summer months that much more worry-free.

1. Mirror Watch: Mirrors get mucky faster in the summer time because of the high humidity. Schedule a day a week designated solely to cleaning all of the mirrors in your home.                   

2. Use Window Filters: The summer breeze can be a beautiful thing but the breeze often blows in dust and debris from the outside. If you like to keep your windows open, consider purchasing a window filter that will keep airborne particulates and dust out of your home.

3. Consider Paper Products: The best part about summer is family gatherings and barbeques. When having guest over, it’s much more fun to enjoy their company than to clean up afterwards.

4. Disinfect Bathrooms: The humidity of the summer heat combined with the humidity of bathroom showers can cause bacteria to breed like crazy. It’s especially important to disinfect everything in bathrooms to fight the summer humidity.

5. Purge Garages: Garages often become the junk pit of the house during the cooler months. Use the summer time to de-clutter your garage and give it a nice sweeping and dusting to remove dust and cobwebs.

Cleaning can be a burden in the summer when you really just want to have fun with your family and friends and enjoy the weather. Markatos Services offers detailed, professional residential and commercial cleaning services, as well as window washing and power washing services. Call 302.792.0606 today for a free quote!

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