How to Clean Hardwood Floors – 5 Steps

1. Clear visible debris and dust with a soft-bristled broom. This will remove large particles like sand or grit that may scratch the floor if caught beneath a mop.

2. Dilute your chosen cleaning agent in a bucket of water. It’s imperative that you determine what kind of hardwood finish your floor has so you choose the right cleaning agent and dilution.

3. Use a mop and the diluted cleaning solution to wipe the floor clean. Be sure to wipe with the grain of wood to maintain the grain in the wood.

4. Use a clean mop to rinse the floor after cleaning. Be sure to soak up as much water as possible after rinsing to ensure that water is not sitting on your hardwood floors for an extended period of time.

5. Buff the floor dry with a terry cloth. This will give your floor a nice sheen if the majority of the water was soaked up in the previous step.

Cleaning Tips
  • Remove your shoes! This will ensure that you are not dirtying the floor while you clean.
  • Wipe all spills immediately to avoid permanent, set in stains.
  • Spot-clean tough set in stains with a cloth and a touch of odorless mineral spirits if the cleaning solution doesn’t get the job done.
  • Make certain you know the specific type of floor you have so you can clean it accordingly.
  • Visit How To Clean Stuff for tips on how to clean specific stains such as blood, dye, liquor, grease, crayon marks, nail polish, ink and lipstick.

Proper floor maintenance can sometimes be difficult to manage if you are not trained in this area. Markatos Services offers floor care maintenance for all types of flooring. Markatos Services also offers professional, detailed residential and commercial cleaning services, in addition to window washing, pressure washing and handyman services. Call 302.792.0606 for a free quote!

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