Solving Summer Camp Stains

With the blink of an eye, spring is flying by and we are landing at summer. The flowers are in full bloom and summer activities are making life a little more fun.

Importance of Summer Camp

As the school year comes to a close, it’s important to keep children in a structured learning environment in order to sustain proper child development. According to the Syracuse City School District, “all young people experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer”.

Delaware Summer Camp Programs

For local Delaware residents, there are tons of exciting and stimulating summer camp opportunities for your little explorers.

University of Delaware offers 4-H, academic, health, music and sports camps programs, for both day and overnight campers of all ages. Delaware Online also provides an expanded list of summer camp opportunities in the Delaware area. These programs range from art to music to science to sports. In addition, YMCA offers an array of summer programs. There is a summer program available for your child regardless of their specific interest.

Removing Pesky Stains


With summer fun comes summer stains, such as grass and perspiration. One of the best ways to remove grass stains is rubbing the stained area with a diluted rubbing alcohol solution. Sponging the stained area with white vinegar also works wonders on grass stains. Soaking perspiration stained clothing in an aspirin solution, for a few hours, is also a very underused stain removing technique. The aspirin solution consists of two crushed tablets and a ½ cup of water. 

Maintaing a Tidy Home

Keeping your children’s clothing clean in the summer tends to be a tad bit easier than keeping your home clean. Enjoying summer activities leaves little time to keep a tidy home. Markatos Services offers professional, detailed residential cleaning.

Markatos Services also provides window washing, pressure washing, and handyman services for both commercial and residential properties. Call 302.792.0606 today for a free quote! Call before June 21st to take advantage of the spring bundle package to save BIG! 

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