The Importance of Window Washing

Why should I clean my windows?window

  • Cleaning windows provides more natural light to enter the home.
  • More natural light creates heat in the winter and decreases electricity bills.
  • Cleaning windows regularly prevents residue build up that can lead to greater problems, such as rotting.
  • Ultimately cleaning windows regularly is less expensive than replacing old, rotting windows.

How often should I clean my windows? 

  • The suggested time to clean windows is twice a year – once in the fall and once in the spring.
  • Cleaning twice a year prevents residue and grime build up.


Window Cleaning Tips

  • Be sure to remove window screens before cleaning windows.
  • Use a brush to wipe away dirt and dust before using soap, water and squeegee.
  • Remove excess water from squeegee after each stroke.
  • If using paper towels, be sure they are lint-free.

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