Goodbye March, Hello April

March has been a month filled with sensational and exciting events for Delaware, as well as the entire country. There was definitely fun for the entire family, from popular sports to local festivals.

March Madness

From the unexpected wins to the intense comebacks, this year’s March Madness was definitely one to remember. The Gonzaga vs. Wichita game on Saturday, March 23, 2013 was an epitomizing example of an unexpected win. As we get closer to the end of the tournament, we are all on the edge of our seats to find out who will make the elite eight and the final four. Residing on the East coast, my pick is Syracuse University. What’s yours?

Delaware Events

chocolate festivalFor local Delaware residents, the excitement was less rambunctious, but just as appealing. For the younger Delawareans, Greenberg’s Train and Toy Show, in Wilmington, DE, and the Rehoboth Beach Chocolate Festival was definitely a winner. Hundreds of trains were on exhibit and lots of chocolate was tasted. For the older Delawareans, there were three bridals expos in Dover, Wilmington and Middletown that were a big hit!

April Activities

april fools prankAs March comes to a close, and these events become fond memories, we have to prepare ourselves for the excitement of April. Easter Monday festivities will bring another level of thrill and excitement. While you and your family are busy taking pictures with the Easter bunny and hunting for eggs, be on the look out for April fool’s pranks. If you are a prankster, be sure to consult Martha Stewart’s list of April fool’s day pranks. As the pranks and jokes die down, Earth day will be approaching on April 22.

Be Sure to Stay Organized

Amongst all of the fun festivities, it’s easy to forget about the upkeep of your home, simply because you’re too busy having fun. There’s no need to stop the fun, because Markatos Services Inc. can take on the cleaning for you. Markatos Services Inc. provides thorough cleaning of all areas and guarantees that no surface goes untouched. Our mission is to deliver the most professional service with the highest standard of quality and consistency. Markatos Services also provides pressure-washing, window-washing and handyman services. Call (302) 792-0606 today for a free quote! Be sure to ask about our Spring bundle package to save BIG!


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One Response to Goodbye March, Hello April

  1. Nashville says:

    I for one am looking forward to the final 4.

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