Healthcare and Educational Facility Future = “Touchless”

As the future of Healthcare and Educational Facilities changes, the management of such facilities must stay ahead of the curve. Markatos Services Inc. offers a wide variety of “touchless” product dispensers and paper supplies that keep your kids from coming into contact with thousands of germs.

How to get touchless dispensers in your school or healthcare facility – call Markatos Services Inc. for a FREE estimate: 302-792-0606

Markatos Services Inc. takes building maintenance and office cleaning to the next level. Not only are we cleaning your office building, we are maintaining a clean, sanitized and healthy environment for you and your associates. Our professionally trained cleaning staff is equipped to handle any size commercial facility. Our regular janitorial contract includes full cleaning of the facility/office, dusting, vacuuming carpets, cleaning and disinfecting restrooms and refilling paper supplies. We provide general cleaning services as well as, window washing, pressure washing, steam cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, floor stripping and waxing, carpet cleaning, etc.


About Markatos Services Inc.

Marketing Director for Markatos Services, Inc.
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