Clean-Sweep for Thanksgiving!

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving for the first time—or even the tenth—getting everything organized and done in time can be daunting. How early do you need to order your turkey? Maybe you’re an expert  at what will be on your menu and who will bring what, but there is still the pressure to ensure your home will be presentable for family and friends. Cleaning can be time consuming as well as extremely exhausting, especially if you’ve yet to employ the expertise of Markatos Services.

It’s no question that the waning economy has effected us all in some form or fashion, and we all may not be able to hire the assistance needed to give your homes that extra shine right before the holiday.  If you need to clean your house quickly in preparation for company, follow a few simple tips and focus on your priorities. Dividing up your tasks and using a system of attack can help you clean your house in a hurry while still being able to concentrate on other tasks.

High Traffic Areas

  • When you invite guests for dinner, they probably won’t check your son’s bedroom closet to see if his school clothes are neatly hung, but guests are likely to enter your living room and sit at your dining room table. Begin your cleaning routine in the main areas of your home, including the bathrooms. If you have time left over, you can clean the bedrooms and offer guests the full tour, but if you don’t get around to it, then simply keep the bedroom doors closed on the big day.

Visible Spaces

  • You don’t have to clean under your furniture for Thanksgiving, but you should keep the tops of your home’s surfaces looking nice. Dust and clean your tables, counters, bookshelves, entertainment centers and other surfaces before tackling the hidden areas. Any dust or crumbs you wipe off of these areas can be picked up with sweeping and mopping later. Clean the floors in the high traffic areas of your home, but keep this step as close to the arrival of your guests as you can to make sure nobody spills anything after you clean and before you entertain.


  • Take a look through your bathrooms and make sure they are ready for visitors. This includes setting out an extra roll of toilet paper so guests won’t have to go hunting for it if they need it, and providing plenty of hand soap and fresh hand towels. Close your shower curtain to hide all those bath toys inside, and keep your medicine cabinet closed neatly.


  • Hallways and staircases tend to gather clutter as family members drop their belongings from one room to the next. Go around and pick up any debris in these areas and then sweep or vacuum them before company comes. If there are any side rooms or closets you don’t have time to clean, walk through your home just before guests arrive and make sure the doors to these areas are closed.


  • Thanksgiving guests are likely to enter your kitchen, whether to gather and help you prepare the meal or during the process of setting the table. Wipe down your counters and appliances and give the floors a good mopping, then make sure you have an empty dishwasher on Thanksgiving Day so you can quickly and easily put dirty dishes out of sight as soon as they appear. Take a minute to hose down your trash can if you have time, and use a scented garbage bag so the trash won’t add any unwelcome odors to the day’s festivities.

    Thanksgiving. A day o enjoy good company and food alike.  Cleaning your home is probably at the top of your list of other very important things to be completed before guests arrive. Don’t let it overwhelm you. If you are able to have Markatos make your home sparkle, then by all means, allow us to work our magic. But in the event that you are unable, follow the room-by-room approach listed above to fast, stress-free cleaning.

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