Instant Clutter Clean-up: DONATE

You always intended to read that stack of books in the corner collecting dust.  And you’ve been meaning to do something with those empty cookie tins from last Christmas.  You and your best friend even went through your closets, gathered all the out-dated, unflattering clothes and sat them by the door to donate to the Good Will, but alas….none of that has happened.

Before you get A&E on the line to send over the hoarding specialists, consider donating some of the items that you and your loved ones no longer need.  Not only are you helping those who need the clothing and cookie tins more, but you will be reducing spots where dust bunnies like to hide.  Below are lists of places for particular items you may be willing to part with.

Cell Phones

Cell Phones for Soldiers – Their mission is to help our troops call home. In addition to newer cell phones, they accept iPhones, iPods and MP3 players.

Cell Phones for Life – Their mission is to provide free, emergency use cell phones for the elderly, disabled and bettered women’s shelters. Donated cell phones do not have to have chargers with them. Not only will you be keeping a used cell phone out of a landfill, but you’ll be helping someone get the peace of mind that having an emergency cell phone brings.

Computer Equipment 

Reconnect – Reconnect is managed by Dell and Goodwill Industries. They accept any brand of computer equipment in any condition and recycle it for free. They also accept just about anything that can be attached to a computer. Check their website for a complete list of what they accept for recycling and for their drop off locations (at some Goodwill locations).


Crazy Crayons – Accepts used and broken crayons. Makes them into fresh, new crayons. Prefers that you leave the papers on the crayons. They also don’t accept crayons made in China and other foreign countries that use plastics and lead in crayons. They accept American-made crayons for recycling, so buy American and encourage the schools, restaurants and other businesses you visit to do the same.


Lion’s Club International – The Lion’s Club accepts donations of used eyeglasses.

New Eyes for the Needy – This organization accepts used eyeglasses and prescription lenses.

Hearing Aides

Lion’s Club International – The Lion’s Club accepts donations of used hearing aides.

New Eyes for the Needy – This organization accepts used hearing aides.

Household Appliances & Furniture

Habitat for Humanity – This well-known organization accepts donations of building materials, furniture and appliances. Items may be sold in a Habitat for Humanity store, which raises money for their building projects.

Household Goods

Excessaccess – This site requires you to sign-in and list your donations. They will match your donation to a request and notify you. You and the other party arrange delivery. You may also request items that you need.

Men’s Suits, Ties and Dress Shoes 

Career Gear – This organization provides interview suits and interview preparation and counseling to under-served, job-seeking men to help them become productive members of society.


Freecycle – Freecycle allows you to list items you’d like to give, for free, to others. Freecycle websites are locally run, but most cities have a Freecycle board. You and the recipient arrange pick up or drop off of items.

The Salvation Army – Most cities have a Salvation Army that allows people to donate their gently used items. They typically take clothing, household goods, toys and many other things. They’ll even accept big items, like furniture and appliances. Some Salvation Army centers will pick up your donations by request. The Salvation Army typically has stores where they sell the donated items.

Goodwill – Goodwill’s mission is to provide free job training, career placement and other community programs for people who have a hard time finding work for a variety of reasons. Goodwill Thrift Stores help fund that mission. What Goodwill accepts for donations varies from region to region, so those interested in donating should call ahead. Find your local Goodwill here.

Prom & Bridesmaid Dresses 

DonateMyDress – This group encourages girls to donate their prom and bridesmaid dresses to others who need them.

The Fairy Godmother Project – Located in Houston, TX, this group accepts donations of prom and bridesmaid dresses. Though they are at local, Houston organization, they do accept donations through the mail. Check their website for more information.

The Glass Slipper Project – This organization provides prom dresses, shoes and accessories for junior and senior high school girls who need them. They are located in Chicago, IL, but they also accept donations by mail.


Souls4Souls – This organization accepts donations of gently used shoes. They will donate the shoes to people in need.

While we don’t necessarily have anything tangible to donate at Markatos Services, we often get involved in the community and raise money toward a number of different charities, including Breast Cancer Awareness and the Delaware Humane Association, and we always encourage the participation of our customers as well.  When life allows you, be sure to give back to your community, either by donating items, money or time.  Though it may not be outwardly or instant, the impact you make on your community will be appreciated long after the work is done.

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