Our Friend, the Fridge

Before Markatos comes to your home...When you think of a hard working appliance, your refrigerator probably doesn’t come to mind.  It’s just “chilling” in the kitchen, you think, keeping cold all the deliciousness in which you love to indulge.  But consider this: do you take care of your fridge as great as you ought to? Referred to as the “kitchen workhorse” by Martha Stewart, your fridge is subjected to spills, overcrowding, and an array of odors daily, and in addition to these things, it never gets a break.  With all that going on behind closed, cold doors, health hazards can be a cause for concern. Here are some habits that you may be guilty of, and how to remedy them to make your refrigerator – as well as the rest of your home – a clean and safe environment.

1.)    Clean up spills – Life is hectic. Between work, class, family, friends, the dog, and all the other hassles of life, it’s easy to shrug off that splash of Sunny D that hit the shelf when you were in a rush.  But unless you want a science experiment hatched in your fridge, you should take the time and clean any and all spills. Juices, jellies, and any other sticky substances that are in your fridge may be getting into your fresh food, causing them to spoil more quickly.  

2.)    Organize your fridge properly – Not saying you have to color code anything or keep the healthy food to the left and the junk food to the right, but different areas in the fridge vary in temperature, so it is important to keep that in mind when stocking your fresh purchases.  For example, the doors of your refrigerator are much warmer than, say….the bottom shelf, the coolest spot in the fridge. Store your more perishable items on the bottom shelf, while saving the door space for items such as ketchup, hot sauce, and salsa.  Don’t misuse the crisper.  The temperature and humidity of that drawer are made for your fruits and veggies, not your lunch meat and extra sodas.

3.)    Refrigerator Overload – You didn’t get a visit from Hoarders yet? You don’t have to. With food packed to maximum capacity, food safety concerns heighten tremendously. The more you jam into your Whirlpool, the less cool air that gets circulated throughout.  The warmer the temperature, the more quickly food tends to spoil.  You’ve worked hard to be able to buy all that food, go a little further to ensure you’ll be able to enjoy it. 

4.)    Get rid of spoiled food – In a crammed fridge, visibility is limited. You could get lucky and find a cold brew tucked away, but more often than not, you’re going to come across something a lot more colorful and smelly.  Some bacteria thrive heavily on cold temperatures; some foods emit a terrible smell when rotten, a smell that is hard to get out once secreted.  Whether it’s bare or abundant, it is recommended to analyze your refrigerator once a week and get rid of any items that are spoiled. Don’t let your fridge harbor reasons for you to call out of work, no matter how tempting.

Consider all of the conveniences your fridge offers you.  Though our grocery bills would probably be cut in half without it, this amazing appliance allows us to store options for meals, buy foods in advance of eating them, and gives us a reason to creep into the kitchen late at night.  While refrigerator manufacturers are working on making this machine even more convenient, it will never have a mind of its own.  It is up to the consumer to keep their fridge clean and clear of anything sticky, any crumbs, foul odors etc., and in this day and age…who has the time? We, at Markatos Services certainly do.  During the initial clean of your home, we will fully tackle whatever you may have spilled or growing in your Frigidaire, and will help you to maintain such cleanliness going forward, inside the fridge and throughout your home.

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