How To Get Your Child Involved!

Hey readers! My name is Faith and I am a full-time employee here at Markatos Services Inc. I also have a second full-time job as a mother of three boys, four if I were to count dad. Which, I’m sure some of you can relate to!

Cleaning is something I do well and take a lot of pride in. I even, at times, find it quite relaxing. However, it has not always been “relaxing”. In the early years of my kids’ lives it was far from relaxing; at times it was so overwhelming it would bring me to tears. This is why I would like to share a little personal story that wasn’t funny then, but makes everyone laugh now, and has literally stuck with the family.

In 2005 I was carrying my third child, working nights, going to school, and caring for my 5 and 1 year old. Every extra minute I had was spent cleaning and organizing the house. Is anyone overwhelmed yet because looking back, I don’t know how I did it!

Kadin, my lively red headed 1-year-old spent everyday watching and helping me clean. Needless to say his help was not the kind of help I was looking for. I would finish cleaning a room and move on to the next room until I was finished. The problem was, with Kadin’s help, I was never finished. He was going from room to room, right behind me, pulling out anything and everything that wasn’t nailed down.

It was November and I must have had Thanksgiving pies on the brain. I began to notice that when I would find his messes on a daily basis I would say, “oh… you little rotten pie!” Eventually, “Little Rotten” dropped off and “Pie” stuck as his nickname. He is almost 9 years old and we all still call him “Pie”. He even wears it proud on the back of his football jersey.

After the birth of his little brother, Pie and I started working TOGETHER on the cleaning issues. He is now my biggest helper!


How To Get Your Child Involved!
Tips for getting kids to help with clean up.

  • Tell the truth- Don’t try to fool children into helping clean. Use logic, a little explaining goes a long way. Say something along the lines of “This is the way, as a family, that we like to have the house.” rather than relying on “Because I said so.”
  • Make it a game – “Let’s see who can put away the most toys, I’ll race ya!”
  • Keep promises – When it comes to rewards and special privileges for cleaning parents MUST follow through!
  • Be Specific – Saying, “clean your room”, can be overwhelming to a child. They may not be sure where to start. Give them specific tasks like, pick up the laundry or clean up your cars.
  • Start with easy visible tasks (ages 2-5) – this gives them a sense of immediate achievement. Have them sort the recycling into the correct bins, remove toys from hallways and stairs, or even just fix the couch pillows.
  • Be a role model – This is where we may all have to step it up a little. It’s hard to expect a child to make their bed when your bed may look like a wrestling match just occurred.

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