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6 Ways To Remove Pet Hair From Furniture

1. Rubber Gloves: For removing pet hair from upholstery in your house and car an easy method is to use a rubber glove. Gloves with a raised grip work better. Put the glove on and run it under the tap to … Continue reading

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6 Simple Steps to Painting a Room

Once you’ve prepped the walls, the actual painting is easy. Step 1 Clean walls.
 Remove dust, dirt, and grease spots (which can ruin a smooth finish) with water, a little mild dishwashing detergent, and a cellulose sponge. Rinse walls with … Continue reading

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Home Selling Tips – Closets

Home buyers love a lot of storage space, and they appreciate homes that have well- equipped storage areas, linen cupboards and closets. Your closets should create added value even if your home is short on storage areas. People tend to … Continue reading

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