Ways to Disinfect a Garbage Disposal

Nobody likes to think about their garbage disposal, though no one can deny that it’s a wonderful convenience. But if you’ve been putting off cleaning the disposal, now’s the time to do it. An occasional (every 3-weeks) cleaning can maximize the appliance’s lifespan. And though you can’t often see what’s lurking on your disposal’s hardware, bacteria growth coupled with residue food particles and built-up sludge can leave your sink, and eventually your entire kitchen, with an embarrassing smell.

Here are 4 ways to disinfect a garbage disposal:

  1. Grind a few ice cubes occasionally to knock off debris from the sharp blades and other hard to clean areas.
  2. Pour vinegar down the drain and let it sit for about an hour to remove scale. Follow with hot water.
  3. Combine the two and use vinegar ice cubes.
  4. Grind citrus peels (lemon or lime) to remove odors and freshen the garbage disposal. The acidity of citrus fruits will neutralize any foul-smelling aromas.

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