A Cutting-Edge Cleaning Company in Delaware

For someone to be a successful doctor, they have to keep up to date with the latest medical literature and technology. For someone to become a successful coach, they must keep up with new rules and equipment requirements each year. The same thing applies to the cleaning industry. Not to compare us to the medical industry, but there will always be new cutting-edge gadgets and products that are introduced to the cleaning industry each year, just like medicine. Here at Markatos Services Inc., we are always on top of the latest cleaning technology and industry trends.

Markatos Services Inc. uses the newest, greenest and safest products in the cleaning industry. This way nothing in your home or workplace is neglected. We are subscribed to the most current magazines and follow the latest cleaning/maintenance news. We visit trade shows across the country and receive daily newsletters from the most reputable names in the cleaning industry.

It is extremely important that your current cleaning/maid service is on top of their game, using cutting-edge products and technology. Consistent education and training in this industry will decide a company’s failure or success.

While successfully up-to-date, we also listen to our customers’ feedback, making our services more enjoyable for you. Markatos Services Inc. is the most reputable and safe fit for your home and commercial needs. We have developed a trusted name in the cleaning industry as a family owned and operated company. We have served New Castle County, DE, Delaware County, PA and surrounding areas since 1983.

Please feel free to fill out the “request a quote form” on our website for a FREE cleaning estimate. Click here to fill out the form.

About Markatos Services Inc.

Marketing Director for Markatos Services, Inc.
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