Count On Markatos to Clean your Stress Away

I read an article that was entitled, A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place. It was about how keeping an organized custodial closet will help with safety and efficiency.  Even though I’m not a porter for Markatos Services, I can really relate to this article. In one of the paragraphs it mentioned that the custodian’s closet is where the porter starts and ends his/her day. How well kept the closet is can dictate the mood and pace of the porter for the duration of their shift, or even their whole day.

Just like a porter can start their day in an unorganized closet, the start to my day can begin in an unorganized bedroom. It’s frustrating when my bedroom is disorderly or my laundry is piled up. I especially get irritated when I’m in a rush and there’s stuff everywhere. I know that it needs to be cleaned, but I have to worry about finding the time to do it later. By the time I organize my room, I’m usually in better spirits. Unfortunately, there’s a heaping pile of dirty laundry waiting for me on my bedroom floor. Again, I get aggravated, sending me into a bad mood for the rest of my day.

Starting and ending your day in a clean, fresh environment is mentally and physically healthy for your being. Who wouldn’t want to stress less? Especially with my busy schedule, I sometimes find little to no time to complete my “to do” list.

The stress of a busy schedule and “too much” to do can really dictate the mood and pace of your entire day. With the proper maid service in place, you can go about your day with one less stressor. Leave the cleaning to the professionals. Markatos Services Inc. offers the most detailed house cleaning in Delaware. With 29 years of cleaning experience and excellent customer service, you can be rest assured that we will get the job done right. We want you to come home to a stress free environment. This way you can spend less time stressing and more time relaxing!

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