MRSA Prevention

Markatos Services Inc. uses proactive cleaning methods to save you from dealing with MRSA issues. Here are some MRSA prevention tips for your facility:

1. Educate your facility managers and personnel about recognizing MRSA.

2. Implement a hand washing initiative and training program for aggressive hand washing and hand sanitizing.

3. Implement a 2-step cleaning program that uses standard infection control procedures.

• Surface must be cleaned before applying disinfectant.

• Use of disinfectants should be reserved only for surfaces touched by skin.

• Disinfectant must be given proper dwell time to perform.

• Environmentally preferred products provide better indoor air quality and will not burden an individual’s immune system.

Markatos Services Inc. provides environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are safe for kids, pets, etc. Visit our website to learn more about our environmentally friendly cleaning methods. (Markatos Website)

MRSA prevention tips provided by: (EnvirOx)


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