Where and How To Store Cleaning Supplies and Chemicals

After watching my 7-year-old daughter almost spray my 5-year-old son in the face with Mr. Clean, I about died. As a parent, it’s my job to protect my kids and to make sure they’re ok at all times. When I saw them trying to battle with cleaning supplies lying around the house, I knew I had to react.

Most kids do not understand the dangers of cleaning chemicals. It is our job as parents to educate, eliminate and protect our kids from doing dumb things.

First, educate your kids on the dangers of touching and playing with cleaning solutions. Kids should understand that they are not to be touched. Second, eliminate the problem. Label dangerous chemicals with bright neon stickers so your kids know that they are dangerous. Also, store your cleaning supplies in a safe place; somewhere high enough that your kids can’t reach. Third, protect your kids. If you see them playing with cleaning supplies, take the supplies away and explain why they should not be touched. Most importantly, if a child should ingest dangerous chemicals make sure you know what chemical was ingested and read the label to react immediately and appropriately. Below are some helpful tips on how to store your own cleaning supplies and chemicals.

Find Out Where and How To Store Your Cleaning Supplies

Clean, Cool, Dry
Store cleaning supplies in an area that is clean and free of debris. Make sure that there aren’t any temperature extremes in the area where your cleaning supplies are stored. Another thing to make sure of is that the area is dry.

Original Containers
Keep cleaning supplies in their original containers. If you mix your own cleaners, make sure you use new clean bottles and label them to avoid confusion. Some cleaners can cause a lot of problems when they are mixed, so always follow manufacturers’ instructions.

Safe Storage
Be sure to keep your cleaning supplies stored in places where your children and/or pets will not be able to get to them. Consider higher storage or locked storage options to protect small children and pets.

Cleaning Caddies
Another option for storing cleaning supplies is to create smaller cleaning kits for the different areas of your home. Cleaning caddies can hold nearly all the supplies needed to clean an entire room and be stored right in the room they are needed. The only things you’ll have to haul into the room are floor care items.

Find Out Where and How To Store Your Cleaning Supplies
By Sarah Aguirre, About.com Guide

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