Does Your Maid Service Clean Like This?

A recent article called “Going From Cluttered To Clean In No Time” written by The News Journal brought many new facts to light. A popular cleaning service was asked to provide some house cleaning tips and tricks to ease the chore of cleaning around the holiday season. Take a look at what our competition had to say.

Under the caption “Hide Clutter” you will find an interesting statement made by the cleaning franchise, The Maids. “The Maids, a national cleaning franchise, advises simply piling your miscellaneous countertop clutter in a laundry basket and sticking it in the closet. No time to do the dishes before company arrives? The Maids’ solution is to stack them on a cookie sheet for temporary storage in the oven (cold, of course).”

I don’t know about you, but this leads me to question, “how do maid services ‘really’ clean?” Does your maid service clean like this? If your maid service suggested that you “hide” stuff, instead of “clean” stuff, what would you think? I automatically think, “what other corners is this maid service cutting?”

Markatos Services Inc. takes these suggestions as an insult to the cleaning industry. As a family owned and operated business, we would NEVER cut corners with our customers. Here at Markatos Services Inc. we take pride in our work. We provide service so good that we even put our name on it. The Markatos Family has been cleaning homes since 1983. Our employees also take pride in how hard they work and how detailed their cleaning is. With consistent training every week we are able to provide “beyond surface cleaning” for all of our customers.

Don’t sell yourself short on how clean your home can really be, especially with guests coming during the holidays.  Take a close look at your current maid service. Are you getting the best service out there? You be the judge.

Markatos Services Inc.
New Castle County, DE | Delaware County, PA 

Article Contents: Going from cluttered to clean in no time, By Beth J. Harpaz, The News Journal, November 10, 2011

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