Stop Dirt At The Door

Choose the right mat. Choosing the right doormat will reduce the time you spend cleaning and chasing down dirt. The key here is the size of your mat. For a mat to work thoroughly, it has to be longer than a typical stride. A mat should be long enough so that you can walk across with both feet before entering the house, with the width no wider than the door itself. So people coming into the house literally walk along it, shifting off dirt onto the mat as they do so.

Five types of doormats:

  • Fiber Doormats
  • Rubber Doormats
  • Iron Doormats
  • Plastic Doormats
  • Nylon Doormats

Doormats are usually made from tough, long-lasting material such as coir (cocoa), Palmyra (palm tree) fibers and stalks, nylon, rubber, cloth, or aluminum and other metals. But what does a doormat do, other than look pretty on your front porch?

Doormat duties. Now that kids are home for the summer, the traffic level in your home has probably increased greatly. Doormats will actually catch an unexpected amount of dirt. Doormats and entrance rugs also help to reduce slipping and falling. Markatos Services Inc. suggests that you put one at each doorway, especially where kids enter the most. Most of the grime in your home comes from the outside, the bulk of it coming in unnoticed on shoes that don’t appear to be either muddy or dirty. If the doormat isn’t enough, consider making a no-shoes rule in the house to further reduce incoming dirt.

Find the perfect doormat. To find a creative and modern looking doormat for your home setting, visit Chiasso. Their modern doormats say a little more than just “welcome”, they let every guest know that your home is a stylish home, built with taste and a sense of humor.

Doormats need minimal maintenance. Just take them outside occasionally and give them a good shake to remove the dust as well as a once-over with the vacuum cleaner now and then.

When it comes to pets. Any pet with easy access to the garden will bring plenty of the great outdoors in on its coat and paws. Keeping your dogs and cats clean, and taking preventative measures when you know they have got especially dirty, will reduce the amount of dirt they can bring into your house.

  • Keep a clean rag by the door for your pet so that you’ll be more likely to remember to wipe off muddy, wet paws and claws before your beloved animal makes unsightly tracks through the whole house.
  • Once a week, take your dog outside and give its fur a good going-over with the type of brush recommended for its coat. Do this well away from the house, so that the tufts won’t tumble back inside.
  • The miracle way to lift pet hair from furniture and other surfaces is to wipe with a damp sponge or cloth. The hair will gather in clumps, and onto your cloth. An excellent alternative is a lightly dampened rubber glove, rubbed quickly back and forth. It will pick up bundles of hair. Or you could use one of those special rubber brushes with nubs on it that is intended for grooming cats and finer-haired dogs (available at pet shops).

Nothing beats your vacuum cleaner for pulling pet hair out of your rugs and carpets. If you have a number of pets or an animal that sheds a great deal, it could be worth considering a vacuum cleaner that has been specially designed to deal with fur. Typically they have greater suction power for sucking up fur and special filters for trapping potential allergens.



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