Kids do the darndest things!

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Kids have an amazing sense of imagination and creativity. As a child, I was definitely classified as one of them. One of my top 10 most creative moments growing up, was cutting out images from different magazines and gluing them to my bedroom wall. I got so good at this; I was able to cover an entire wall with glue and paper in just one day. Now, whether my parents thought a 9 x 12 foot wall of glue and paper was a great idea is a different story. Let’s just say, they weren’t too happy with me!

After this creative episode, my parents thought it wise to remove all scissors, magazines, and glue from my reach. A week later, they came to me with an idea. Instead of putting a halt to my creative vision, they gave me a more realistic outlet. My parents decided to cover the rest of my undamaged walls with large reams of white paper. They then handed me a colored marker and said, “go to town”.

My parents eventually agreed to give me my scissors, magazines, and glue back on one condition. I was to only use them on my newly covered and very protected white paper walls. My parents had transformed my bedroom into my very own blank canvas! But… What about the ruined wall?

The most common question my parents faced after telling this story was, “How did you manage to remove a 9 x 12 foot wall of glue and paper?” There answer, “It wasn’t easy!” It took hours to remove all glue and paper from that wall. We used hot water, baking soda, a rag, and a scraper. Here are some other methods to get out of sticky situations like mine!

Removing Stickers:

  • If you remove as much of the sticker as possible, you can remove the rest with a little Ben Gay ointment and a blow dryer set on the low heat setting. Also works on carpet.
  • Other products that have been known to remove stickers include WD-40, Oops brand latex paint remover, De-Solve, fingernail polish remover, rubbing alcohol and even peanut butter!

If your child tends to be a little more creative and daring with their work, give them a creative outlet. Try giving them removable wall decals. Their work can easily be removed at any time. Check out for removable wall decals and decorating ideas.

Markatos Services Inc. wants to hear your “Kids do the darndest things” stories.  Share your story and we’ll try to help you clean up the aftermath.


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