Referrals & Word of Mouth Advertising

It all originates from the company and the service they provide!

Markatos Services Inc. has been cleaning homes for almost 30 years now. 80% of our customer base has always come from referrals and word of mouth advertising. This means our customers must really like our services!?!

Without happy customers, there are no referrals. 

Markatos Services Inc. strives to provide the best cleaning service in New Castle County, DE. By holding mandatory training sessions for employees on a weekly basis we are able to produce consistent high quality service to all of our valued customers. The foundation of all positive word of mouth advertising is providing superior products and services. Markatos Services Inc. goal is to do just that!

Do you ask friends or family first? 

A referral from a family member or friend has a huge impact on ones decision-making. Whether you are deciding what restaurant to take your wife to for your anniversary or which cleaning service you want to go with, a referral goes a long way. People are not going to refer you to a restaurant or service provider that they haven’t gone to or used themselves. This is why referrals are the most trusted form of advertising.

Would you refer our services?

Markatos Services Inc. wants to challenge the citizens of New Castle County, DE to try our house cleaning services. You be the judge on whether you would refer our services or not!



About Markatos Services Inc.

Marketing Director for Markatos Services, Inc.
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