Annual Home Maintenance: Pressure Washing

Did you know…
Pressure washing should be an annually scheduled home maintenance, just like an annual doctor’s visit.

An annual check-up is a great way to be proactive about your health. You learn ways to maintain a healthy life style, find any health concerns that have gone unnoticed, and you are able to fix any future health issues before they become a real problem. Just like an annual doctor’s visit, your home should experience the same type of proactive maintenance.

Extend the life of your home!
The following exteriors should be maintained annually:

  • Home siding
  • Concrete driveway
  • Sidewalk
  • Porch
  • Stone Patio
  • Composite Deck
  • Fence
  • Etc.

Pressure cleaning eliminates contaminates that contribute to rot, decay, and aging of coatings and materials used on your home. Annual pressure washing will add years of life to your property and save you money on costly repairs.

Markatos Pressure Washing Services can provide you with the proactive maintenance your home needs. We offer professional pressure washing in and around New Castle County, DE.

Please call 302-792-0606 or email for more pressure washing information.

Concrete Patio - Before & After

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  1. Can’t agree more. Nice Post.

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